Hi, I’m Laura

I use Tarot and life coaching skills to help creative, intuitive people to heal and grow so they can reach feel confident and reach their highest potential.

I live in Bradford but grew up in Stoke On Trent, leaving 12 years ago for a fresh start in Yorkshire. I live on a hill with my husband and tailless Manx cat Poppy (the gorgeous model for my logo).

I’m fascinated by spirituality and psychology, and the points where they meet. I’m a serial learner, delving into everything from crystals to philosophy, numerology to life purpose coaching. We live in an infinitely curious world after all, where there’s always an intriguing trail of ideas to follow.

But it’s also a messy, uncertain world, and that’s really what drew me to focus my energy on Tarot. I started reading Tarot cards around 10 years ago, firstly just for myself, then for friends and finally with clients. I use the cards to help clients find a way forward in these strange and sometimes overwhelming times, whether it’s a quick reading for navigating a difficult week, or an in-depth Tarot and coaching session where we dig into things together and look for answers to tricky problems.

Why Tarot?

Tarot aligns well with my calling to enable compassionate, quirky people to access the insight they need to help themselves and change the world. I love that it gives me the opportunity to connect with kindred spirits like you. I’ve spent a lifetime feeling weird and different, and now I get to meet other loving souls who’ve always felt outside the mainstream, not really accepted for who they are but who now want to heal from that rejection and feel confident in their authentic self. If that sounds familiar then I could be just the right Tarot reader and guide for you.

A bit about me

Fun Facts

Photo by Dan Parlante on Unsplash