Why fit in when you were born

to stand out?

Trying to fit yourself into a suffocating box of other people’s expectations grinds you down.

That’s why my Tarot readings and coaching focus on freeing your confidence and authenticity so you can shine your unique light in the world.

It’s time to remember who you are

About Laura

Have you spent your life feeling out of place?

Like you’ve got to blend in and be something you’re not because you’ll never me accepted for who you are?

Me too. That’s why I do what I do.

Why Choose Neon Cat Tarot?

Depth…Combining intuitive skills and life coaching experience for a deeper Tarot reading

Choice…Different Tarot reading lengths and themes to fit your needs

Uniqueness…Every single person is different so I honour this with a flexible approach.

Everyone is included here

Fun…There’s nothing spooky about these readings; it’s all about gaining insights and enjoying the process

Client Testimonials

“Laura is a clear speaker and a good listener. It was great working out what my ‘purpose’ might be, and the experience of setting and achieving some goals. Thanks for the experience, it was motivating and useful. There are things I learned and discovered that I will use from now on.” – James, Manchester

“Laura is professional, encouraging, honest, probing, thought provoking and was just right for my situation really. It was useful having time to explore barriers, what gets in the way and a strategy for overcoming these. I came away from each session with something to think about and a positive plan of action to move forward.” – Joanne, West Yorkshire

“Laura made me feel very relaxed and at ease, nothing was rushed.  There was lots of rapport established and questions were articulated clearly.  Exploration was gentle and gently challenging which I needed.  She was warm and friendly throughout.  I felt understood, heard, and supported.” – Emma, Romford

Tarot for insight and growth

A Neon Cat Tarot reading aims to help you live more fully as your real and beautiful self

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